• To gather conservation experts from all over the world, in order to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of scientific conservation knowledge.
  • To create a network of highly skilled specialists of cultural heritage protection, inside the international scientific community.
  • To work for the spreading, the promotion and the collection of technical and scientific knowledge, methodologies and theories concerning the protection of monuments.
  • To establish a documentation centre for the benefit of the specialists and to support the development of conservation technologies, throughout the effort of both national and international institutions.
  • To work hard for the implementation of international conventions on the development and the application of the scientific techniques, methodologies and theories, intended to enhance the value of conservation and protection of architectural heritage.
  • To actively contribute to training projects and organizations for the preparation of specialized professionals in the field of heritage protection, at a worldwide level.

ICOMOS and other international agencies that are closely connected to the preservation of the World Cultural Heritage (including UNESCO), have not only the goal of accomplishing a decisive function in the promotion, the protection and the conservation of world cultural heritage, but they also carry out researches on the practical use of scientific techniques and methodologies aimed at protecting the world architectural heritage. In addition, ICOMOS, as a consultative body of UNESCO, conducts activities such as the monitoring and investigation of the sites already inscribed in the world heritage list.

ICOMOS Statutes

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