The ICOMOS board in Paris is composed by a president, five vice presidents, a head of the secretariat and one treasurer general. These constitute the main ICOMOS executive bureau, plus also 12 members, the chairman of the advisory committee and five co-opted members. The management of the executive bureau is organized as follows: From 2017 Toshiyuki Kono is elected as the president of International ICOMOS board.
The advisory committee deliberates on the ICOMOS budget, including the membership fee for the committee. The board prepares the program and the budget destined to the protection of cultural heritage sites, subsidiary aid and research expenses. Lastly, it monitors the funds implementation.

General Assembly
ICOMOS holds two general assembly meetings, an annual and a triennial meeting. Every three years, 10000 representatives from countries all over the world, are demanded to participate to the international commission held simultaneously with the general annual assembly. At the general assembly, the national committees obtain the voting right according to the number of their representatives, and they can elect 12 members and 8 executives.

Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee reunites once a year and it is composed by all the Presidents of National and International Scientific Committees, who are called upon to advise the board and make suggestions on the ICOMOS program. Toshiyuki Kono represented the Japanese National Committee as an executive member from 2011 to 2017.

Executive Committee
In addition to the Board, the General Assembly and the Advisory Committee, there is an Executive Committee elected by the General Assembly. The General Assembly nominates 12 executive members and 5 more co-opted members, to join the executive committee. Their task is to support (and monitor) the daily activities of ICOMOS. The president of the Japanese National Committee can also take part to this committee. Now the Executive Department of ICOMOS is composed of a President, a Secretary General, a treasurer general, 5 vice presidents, eleven members of the Executive Committee, the 5 co-opted members and two honorary presidents, for a total number of 26 members.

International Secretariat
The International Secretariat as well as the attached Documentation Center, work under the supervision of the Director General. Both institutions are managed exclusively by the secretariat staff.

International Scientific Committees
ICOMOS has established 28 scientific international committees on various cultural heritage themes and issues. Members consist of international renowned expert specialists in each subject and designated by their own national committee. The international scientific committees are ICOMOS technical bodies. For more information please refer to the ICOMOS principal website to (International scientific commission)「ICOMOS本部」および「International Scientific Committees」をご覧下さい。

National Committees
At the time of its foundation, ICOMOS was only composed by 25 member states. Since then, 110 more countries joined the organization and the total number of member states increased greatly. Each member state is provided with a national committee, composed of a highly qualified team of heritage protection experts. While working for the collection and exchange of scientific knowledge, and for the improvement of national conservation technologies, the ICOMOS Japanese Committee also collaborates with other foreign committees, and undertakes activities of international cooperation. The aim of the Committee is to promote the conservation and protection of World Cultural Heritage Sites at the national and international levels.


 The ICOMOS operating budget is granted by the members of ICOMOS who pay a membership fee. ICOMOS financial resources are also: donations, subsidiary aids and research funding.

The membership categories can be as follow

Individual Membership: For specialists connected to the cultural heritage protection field

Associated Membership: For those organizations that own or manage a cultural heritage site,
              or that are directly involved with the protection of it

Preservation Membership: Organization or private members who contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage throughout
               international cooperation and by endorsing the ICOMOS goals and activities

Honorary Membership: For members of the General Assembly who have received a special recognition

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