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ICOMOS Japan Prize and Honorable mention award

ICOMOS Japan has created in 2014 the ICOMOS Japan Prize and the ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award, as an attempt to promote the practical application of conservation, the preservation of the original elements in historical ruins, and the protection of cultural landscape, traditional monuments and buildings. The ICOMOS Japan Prize, awards those people who have contributed to the advancement of conservation projects, conservation application and conservation theories. The ICOMOS Japan special mention award, is addressed to young researchers with the aim of encouraging their professional growth. It awards researchers under the age of 45, who have achieved excellent results in promoting projects, application and theories for the Cultural Heritage Protection. We kindly request to every participating member to provide the necessary recommendation documents as well as reference attachments for the screening, and to actively support the candidacy process.

・ICOMOS Japan Prize             Mr. Akira MATSUKUMA
・ICOMOS Japan Prize             Mr. Tomoki KATO
・ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award   Ms. Hiroko EDANI

・ICOMOS Japan Prize             Ms. Sachie OTAKE
・ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award   Mr. Yoshiaki TOMINAGA

・ICOMOS Japan Prize             Mr. Kiyohide SITO
・ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award  NPO Red Brick Club Maizuru, Maizuru City

・ICOMOS Japan Prize             Mr. Tamotsu YAMADE
・ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award  Mr. Saikaku TOYOKAWA
・ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award  Mr. Motoki TORIUMI

・ICOMOS Japan Prize             Mr. Yukio TAHARA
・ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award  Cultural asset garden conservation engineer council
・ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award  Mr. Shigeatsu SHIMIZU


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