Sub-commissions established by the National Commission Board of ICOMOS Japan

In order to conduct researches on specialized technical matters, the National Board is entitled to establish a temporary commission to handle the task. The members of the temporary commission are nominated by the head of the National Committee, who simply entrusts specialists and scholars outside the committee to work on the project. The results of the research conducted by the temporary commission are reported to the board of directors. The commission is dissolved as its task is accomplished.
(In accordance with the ICOMOS Japan National Committee Statute, Article 25, and Paragraph 2)

<Sub-commissions No.1~5>

Sub-commission No.1: Investigation of the Charters Concerning the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Chief Examiner: FUJII Keisuke
Inauguration: December 1997

This commission focused its activity on realizing a "Survey on the World Cultural Heritage Protection Charter, for the drafting of a Cultural Heritage Protection Charter in Japan". The Taisei Corporation Public Trust of Funds for Natural and Historic Environments granted the necessary funds to back the works. This commission initially had 8 members, including KANEFUSA Masuda as head researcher and INAGAKI Eizo as adviser. The commission terminated the initial phase of translation in May 1999, with the publication of a report on the translation of 18 volumes among international charters, local territorial charters, charters by countries and by research field. In December 2000, The League for the Protection of the National Townscape approved and endorsed the Charter for the Protection of Townscapes. In January 2002 the Chief Examiner FUJII Keisuke is substituted.

Sub-commission No.2: Planning of the Lectureship and Publication Collaboration

Chief Examiner: HANYU Shuji
Commission: 3 members
Inauguration: December 1997.

As part of the external contribution to the ICOMOS Japan National Committee, and also as an external source of income for the committee members, this commission conducts planning projects of touristic Cultural Heritage Sites, and collaborates with research publishing. Among the main publishing projects there are: "Travelling in the World Heritage" from the Kinki Peninsula Publishing Department 1998~1999 "The Handbook of World Cultural Heritage” in collaboration with the UNESCO Japan organization, 1999. "Visiting the World Cultural Heritage. Japan and South East Asia Volume” and from the same series: "The Middle East and South Asia", 1998 ~1999, in collaboration with the Koto Ward Cultural Centre. "Going Around the World Cultural Heritage: France and Germany” 1999, Published by the Japanese Diner's club. "Europe Cultural Heritage" published in 2001~2002 by the Furuishiba Lifelong Learning Cultural Centre.

Sub-commission No.3 Research on the Reinforcement and Restoration of Historic Monuments
(This commission has dissolved in December 2004)

Chief Examiner: HIKADA Ken’ichiro
Commission: 8 members
Inauguration: July 1998

This commission was instituted to report about the practical work and the theories of restoration in Japan, according to the ISCARSAH guidelines (the international technical committee for the reinforcement and make up of historic buildings). On January 31, 1999, the Japanese commission sent to the respective office of the International Technical Commission a report on the work performed.

Sub-commission No.4:The Problems of the World Cultural Heritage Treaty →Monitoring the World Heritage Sites

First Chief Examiner: INABA Nobuko May 2000 ~ April 2002  Second Chief Examiner: MUNETA Yoshifumi  Inauguration September 1999  Commission: 6 members  Present Chief Examiner: OKADA Yasuyoshi

The interest in World Heritage has considerably grown both nationally and internationally, hence, this commission was established to monitor the real status of UNESCO and ICOMOS, which have grown in importance in the last years. In this commission they discuss the problems arose with the World Cultural Heritage, the Intangible Heritage and the Cultural Scenery. Starting from March 2007 this commission focused its work on the Cultural Heritage located in the national territory.

Sub-commission No.5: Collaboration for the Preservation of the Plovdiv Reserve
(This commission has dissolved in December 2012)

Chief Examiner: ISHII Akira
Commission: 5 members
Based on a common project of both Japanese and Bulgarian ICOMOS National Committees, this commission was settled as the leading working group from the Japanese side, which aim was to accomplish a project of “Restoration and Protection of the Local Cultural Architectonical Heritage of the Historical City of Plovdiv”. In August 2003, this common project, was officially selected as project-to-fund by UNESCO and the Japanese Trust Fund for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. At the target location, 3 wooden building were restored according to the original construction techniques, while four buildings needed and emergency action. An official publication followed the restoration works: “CONSERVATION OF MONUMENTS IN THE ANCIENT PLOVDIV RESERVE, BULGARIA”ISBN 978-6549314014. Then, the commission was dismembered.

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